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Security and monitoring of facilities

Centralized security systems (CSS) - RADOM SECURITY and RADOM SECURITY FIRE

We offer comprehensive solutions for centralized security systems for security agencies and other entities, starting with building/facility transmission equipment through technological equipment of transmission routes and modular solutions for dispatching stations.

We supply technologies in the field of electronic security alarms (RADOM SECURITY), as well as electronic fire alarms (RADOM SECURITY FIRE).

PITBUL II - Security switchboard with GSM communicator

For simpler securing of facilities / premises (apartments, family homes, cottages, etc.), we offer a GSM security switchboard with the PITBUL II. communicator.

This is a stand-alone security switchboard that transmits individual reports on the state of the facility to the cell phone of the user, or it can be used in a mode that transfers information from the secured premises to the CSS dispatching station.



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